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We Remove Even the Toughest Clogs

Now and again, your drain needs to be cleaned out and they simply can’t do it themselves. The clog might be too far down the drain for any home auger to reach or tree roots have invaded the drain to the point where it’s impassable. Sometimes, homeowners are just afraid to dismantle their traps or their cleanout plugs or they just don’t know where these items are in their plumbing system. This is where our plumbers at Eden Prairie Plumbing come in. We are the best at drain cleaning in Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, and surrounding areas – and can unclog any pipe quickly, safely, and effectively.

See for yourself! Contact us now at (952) 479-5884 for reliable Eden Prairie drain cleaning services.

Types of Drains

Any one of your drains can have a clog and it’s usually around a bend or a turn in the pipe. One way to check how bad the problem is to see how many drains are stopped up. If one drain doesn’t work, the problem is with the pipe that connects to it. If two drains don’t work, the main drain is probably clogged. If everything in the house is stopped up, there’s something the matter with the sewer line.

A house usually has three types of drains, including:

  • Fixture drains– These are found at the sinks, tubs, showers, and toilet bowl.
  • Main drain– This drain flows from the fixture drains to the pipe that carries waste away from the house.
  • Sewer drain– The drain that carries the waste to the sewer system or the property’s septic tank.

Wherever the blockage is, Eden Prairie Plumbing will fix it. We even have the latest video technology that we can insert in the pipes to find out just where the problem is.

Choosing Eden Prairie Plumbers For Drain Cleaning In Eden Prairie

Our Eden Prairie plumbers have been in business since 1998 and are experts at their craft. When you are faced with what you think is a terminal case of clogged pipes, don’t panic. Our plumbers have seen everything and cleared everything. Our standards of workmanship are the highest and our equipment is always state of the art. Our Eden Prairie drain cleaning experts are also licensed and our insurance covers property damage, liability, and Worker’s Compensation. We even screen and do background checks on our plumbers to make sure they’re clean, reliable, and courteous.

Any homeowner or business owner who finds themselves with a clogged drain or two or more, shouldn’t hesitate to contact Eden Prairie Plumbers at (952) 479-5884